Just with any kind of investment, the main reason why one would invest in stocks is to grow their money. There are several areas where one may invest in and make a return. Some are riskier than others but in return, they offer a better return. The stock exchange is one of the oldest and most preferable ways of investing. This may be attributed to the good returns that result from it when one invests wisely. Below are some of the advantages that one enjoys by investing in the stock market.


 Investment Gains

stockmarket chart

One of the reasons why most people opt to invest in stocks is due to investment gains. Over time, the stock market value goes up despite the daily fall and rise in the stock prices. This means that through the years, especially with investments in stable companies, one’s wealth will keep growing as a result of the distribution of the company’s profits. This is despite the facts that the share prices may be depreciating. Therefore, investing in several such companies in different sectors of the economy means that your wealth will keep growing every day.



Dividend income

There are those stocks that will pay income in the form of dividends. While it is not all stocks that earn dividends, there are those that do and these are usually paid on an annual basis to the investors. These dividends are usually paid even in the cases where the company stocks have lost their value. Dividend income is a good way to build your retirement fund especially in the cases where the company that you have invested in keeps making profits.



Another advantage of investing in stocks is that it gives you a chance to diversify your investments. With stocks, you can choose the type of investment that you want and the amount of money that you want to invest in that line of business. Diversification is a good way of spreading the risks of your investments such that if a given sector of the economy, which you have invested in fails, you will not lose all your investments. Another advantage of diversification is that some industries are affected in opposite directions by the same forces. This means that when a force is negatively affecting one sector of the economy, it is favoring another. By investing in the two sectors, you will ensure that you don’t lose much as opposed to investing in just one industry.



tradingInvesting in a company’s stocks gives you ownership of the company. This means that you will have a say in the decisions of the company as shareholders have a right to vote on the appointment of corporate board members and other major decisions. This gives you a chance to control the fate of the company and ultimately your investment.