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Tips for Choosing the Best Bitcoin Mixer

Bitcoin mixing is also referred to as tumbling or laundering. It is a process in which a third-party service is used to break the connection between the address sending coins and the one receiving. Being a public ledger, the blockchain records all transactions. Mixing is important to anyone who wants to maintain confidentiality about where they send, store and receive the coins. The process might seem difficult for those who are not familiar with it.

Here are some tips for choosing the best bitcoin mixer:

Choose a Service With No Registration

avoid sites with registrationSome mixing services might need registration before using their services. However, it is risky to create an account, since the service will capture some of the personal details which will make you feel insecure in the end.

People can also use such information later to get the receiving and sending address. Therefore, it is recommended to use a mixer that does not need registration, because it makes your transactions safer.

Check Positive Feedback

check reviews bBefore selecting a tumbling service, it is important to read the reviews. You will be able to know what clients are commenting about the mixing service so that you can make informed choices. Positive reviews are an indication of trustworthiness, hence it should be a priority before mixing coins.

In most cases, people prefer services that host their platform on Tor. This provides an SSL certificate and security. Additionally, such websites have security exceeding average websites hence very reliable.

Look for a Service With No Logs

Another important criterion is opting for the best logging policy. Mixing services which have a policy are more authoritative due to security, privacy, and anonymity. It is important to have the confidence that all the data, transactions, and addresses are wiped off at the time your conditions are set. This is a major indication of anonymous mixing. Safety is a good way of ensuring full privacy. Anonymity is only possible when the mixing service picked is trustworthy.

Ensure the Service Has Untraceable Transactions

After transactions are done in a mixer, such information should be erased normally. Therefore, all the data must be deleted from the mixing platforms soonest after completing a transaction. All personal details which remain on the servers can be given to authorities or spies. Hence, you should ensure that the mixer you have chosen guarantees automatic erasing of older history at most within 24 hrs.