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What To Look For When Choosing A Forex Broker

There has been an influx of forex brokers on the market due to the rapid rise in forex trading in the recent past. Most forex traders tend to scratch their heads when it comes to finding a reliable forex broker to trade with. Unless you are a large financial institution or bank, you will need a broker for trading in the forex market. It is important to take this step before you begin your journey as a forex trader.

Not all brokers, however, are the same. You should find a broker who meets your specific needs. This is what makes it difficult as not all brokers have the same policies or offer the same services. Below are some things to look for in a forex broker.


forex brokersSpread refers to the transaction cost. Currencies, unlike stocks, are not traded through a central exchange. Therefore different brokers will quote different spreads. This is a major consideration in every trader’s mind since choosing brokers with very high spreads is a way to kill off your account.

Additionally, you should check if the spread is variable or fixed. A fixed spread implies that it will always be the same regardless of the time of the day. Some brokers use variable spreads meaning the spread depends on the market conditions. This implies a wide spread when the market heats up and a smaller one when the market is quiet.


Regulated forex brokers are usually accountable to the authorities. They follow specific rules. With these brokers, most of their information is available online. You can easily check their past performance. To know if a forex broker is regulated, you need to find out the country in which they are registered. Choose brokers conducting business in the country where regulatory agencies monitor their activities.

Trading Software and Platform

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The best way of getting to learn a broker’s software is by trying out the demo account that is readily available. Select one that you will be most comfortable with when trading. The software needs to have basic features like direct trading from the chart and trailing stops. Some features may be available at a cost, therefore, ensure you understand what you are getting and the charges for additional services.


The forex market is usually dynamic. A lot of money is traded every day. The broker needs to offer twenty-hour support ideally. Check out the avenues of support they provide. Most reputable brokers have live chat functions where traders can engage the customer service officer directly anytime. You also need to check if you can close positions over the phone. You can check out forex broker reviews to see what other traders say about a given broker.

Finding the best forex broker may take time. Looking out for these things will speed up the process of getting the right forex broker. Remember a forex broker is there to serve you, and they have to be willing to explain everything and give detailed communication.